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The next day,概括☔ leaving Speedy,章节📷 Cheapside and Jip in charge of the post office,儒林外史🚥 the Doctor got into his canoe with Dab-Dab and paddled off to take his holiday. On the way out he noticed a schooner,概括📗 the ship of Jack Wilkins,概括☎ the pearl fisherman,概括🌕 at anchor near the entrance to Fantippo Harbor.


"How is the old horse in the stable?" asked John Dolittle.


"So there I sat,儒林外史♍ shivering on the river bank,概括🚡 in the depths of despair. And presently I saw the sky in the east growing pale and I knew that morning was coming. Daylight! That for me meant more hunting and running and jeering,概括🐨 as soon as the sun should show my ridiculous color.

"Oh,儒林外史💎 excuse me,儒林外史👋" said the Captain,内容🍡 his manner changing at once. "Master-at-arms,重要💡 release the prisoner."儒林外史重要章节内容概括"The canoe was yanked from under them"


After supper had been served and eaten and the Doctor had been made to tell the story of the pearl fisheries all over again for the benefit of his own family circle,章节🆗 he at last turned to the enormous pile of letters which were waiting for him. They came,重要🎾 as usual,重要🚝 from all parts of the world,概括🎒 from every conceivable kind of animal and bird. For hours he waded patiently through them,重要🍠 answering them as they came. Speedy acted as his secretary and took down in bird and animal scribble the answers that the Doctor reeled off by the dozen. Often John Dolittle dictated so fast that the poor Skimmer had to get Too-Too (who had a wonderful memory) to come and help listen,章节⚓ so nothing should be missed through not writing it down quick enough.

"From the bottom of the lake,内容⚓" said the turtle. "Out there,内容🔈" Mudface nodded toward the gloomy wide-stretching waters,章节🚧 "there stood,概括👌 thousands of years ago,概括♋ the beautiful city of Shalba. Don't I know,章节🐺 when for long enough I lived in it? Once it was the greatest and fairest city ever raised by men and King Mashtu of Shalba the proudest monarch in the world. Now I,概括📠 Mudface the turtle,概括🍷 make a nest in the swamp out of the ruins of his palace. Ha! Ha!"儒林外史重要章节内容概括"Then I led him into the town. On the way there every once in a while he would say to himself: 'I wonder what can be the matter. Something's wrong,内容🚇 that's sure,儒林外史🐙 or the dog wouldn't carry on so.'

"He began his great inauguration speech"

The Doctor,内容🅿 annoyed and embarrassed,概括🔧 forgot for the first time in his post office career to be polite.

But the Captain interrupted him by calling for a sailor,概括💉 who stood near.儒林外史重要章节内容概括"Great heavens!" the Doctor exclaimed. "You don't say!"

They sailed away down to the south coast of the Bight of Benin. There they visited many African kingdoms and strange tribes. And while they were ashore the pushmi-pullyu had a chance to wander freely through his old grazing grounds. And he enjoyed his holiday thoroughly.


But while the Doctor was still thanking the Chief for the beautiful present,章节🈶 Quip-the-Carrier flew up with a letter for him.


"Not very many,概括🛃" said the snake. "He lives on the edge of the lake a few miles to the North. Let us hurry and try to reach his home before darkness falls."


Well,儒林外史📮 when four days had passed the Emir of Ellebubu sent a messenger to the prison to inquire if the Doctor was now willing to do as he was told. The guards after talking to John Dolittle brought word to the Emir that the white man was as obstinate as ever and had no intention of giving in.

儒林外史重要章节内容概括"Well,概括👺 by land it would be twenty-five miles to where the lighthouse stands,内容🆖" said the gull. "But by water it would be only about twelve,概括⚪ I should say."


"Mixing the turtle's medicine"

儒林外史重要章节内容概括In fact,章节🙌 the Doctor used to discharge him for rudeness regularly about once a month. And the city mails always got tied up soon after. But,章节🎒 to the Doctor's great relief,章节🍌 the City Manager always came back just when the tie-up was at its worst and put things right again.

For many folks it would have seemed a creepy,章节▫ nightmary sort of country,重要📞 this land of the mangrove swamps. But to the Doctor,内容⚽ for whom any kind of animal life was always companionable and good intentioned,章节🔒 it was a most delightful new field of exploration.

Nearly all of the history of Doctor Dolittle's post office took place when he was returning from a voyage to West Africa. Therefore I will begin (as soon as I have told you a little about how he came to take the journey) from where he turned his ship towards home again and set sail for Puddleby-on-the-Marsh.

"I don't know what I'll say to him. I'll see when I get there,内容🆗" said John Dolittle. "But we must be very careful how we approach,儒林外史🚲 so that he doesn't see us coming. If he should pull up his anchor and sail away we would never be able to overtake him by canoe."




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    "Oh,儒林外史🏀 no,内容👀" said the Doctor,概括😐 "thank you. I have a house and garden."

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    Such a roaring trade was done in this way that the King set the stamp printing presses to work more busily than ever,概括⚡ so that a whole new set of Fantippo stamps should be ready for sale by the time the same ship called again on her way home to England.

    2021-4-2 13:11:55

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    By this time all the animals had heard Cheapside arriving and they came rushing in to see the traveler and to hear the news of Puddleby and England.

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    "Good morning,内容💇 Your Majesty,概括🚘" said the Doctor. "Do you happen to know what kind of animal this bone belongs to?"

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    And she went off to fetch the Skimmer.

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    "Then the children thought to join their friends again and started back. But,儒林外史🎐 being poor woodsmen,章节🎢 they took the wrong direction. It grew darker still,内容🔌 of course,重要⛔ as time went on,儒林外史🍣 and soon the youngsters were tumbling and stumbling over roots they could not see and getting pretty thoroughly lost and tired.

    2021-4-2 13:11:55

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    The following day the pearls were wrapped up again the way they had arrived,内容🚣 and after a letter had been written by the Doctor explaining to the spoonbill what the "pebbles" really were,概括💞 they were sent off by registered parcel post to the Harmattan Rocks.

    2021-4-2 13:11:55

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    This made the kingdom of Fantippo much richer and more important than it had been before,章节🅰 of course. And a large grant of money was given by the King to the Foreign Mails post office,概括🚨 which was used by the Doctor in making the houseboat better and bigger.

    2021-4-2 13:11:55

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